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In addition to an organized equipment rack, the layout and design of your network infrastructure play crucial roles in ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Proper cable management, clear labeling of components, and strategic placement of networking devices are essential elements in creating a robust and efficient network environment. By implementing best practices in infrastructure design and maintenance, businesses can minimize disruptions, streamline troubleshooting processes, and maximize the effectiveness of their network investments.

our services

Cabling clean-up

Organizing and securing cables for improved efficiency and aesthetics.

Equipment rack location moves

Relocating racks to optimize space and accessibility while preserving functionality.

Fault rectification

Fixing network issues promptly to maintain smooth operation.

Cable identification and labelling

Tagging cables for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.


At York Wifi Solutions we’re experts in Ubiquiti Unifi and Ubiquiti Edge networks. We’re able to install and configure the complete product range for you. 

With our tailored service package, we’re can remotely manage your network for you. Knowing someone is always keeping an eye on your equipment will give you piece of mind that down time will be at a minimum.

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