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The key to any high performing WIFI network is detailed planning and design before installation.

Are you having performance issues with your current WiFi network? We’re able to map your wireless network identifying dead zones and incorrectly set channels on access points, to optimize your coverage and performance.

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Home WiFi

Provided by internet service providers (ISPs) for residential use.
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Public WiFi

Offered in public places like cafes, airports, hotels, and libraries for general access.
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Enterprise WiFi

Employed by businesses and organizations to provide secure and reliable wireless connectivity within their premises.

Guest WiFi

A separate network within homes or businesses that allows visitors to access the internet without compromising the security of the main network.


At York WiFi Solutions we’re experts in Unifi WiFi networks. We’re able to install, configure and remotely manage your wifi network ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

We can provide your business with a high performance, reliable and secure wireless network.

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